Who are we?…

Trotters Wake is a 2-7 piece vocal acoustic band consisting of Drew Monasky on Acoustic Guitar/Mandolin, Sandy Lineweaver on Keyboard, Cyndy Gaughan on Bodhran, Bonnie Teplik on Fiddle, Tracy Haddad on Electric/Upright Bass, David Schramm on Banjo/Acoustic Guitar, and Tanner Bayles on Penny Whistle/Low Whistle/Saxophone. And let’s not forget our sound technicians, Jacob Hughes and Barry Hughes!

Our genre is what we call “Pub/Traditional” - a mixture of Irish and other Celtic drinking songs, rebel songs, ballads, and traditional instrumental tunes (jigs, reels, etc.). We do not play any cover tunes as part of our normal set, but we can generally accommodate  reasonable requests for first dance songs, etc., and we do rent our sound system for dancing after our live show.

We are located in Glendale, Arizona (USA) and play in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area, and throughout Arizona. We have more fun playing Irish music than should be legal, and we want your guests to experience the same thing. Our tag line says it all: “Trotters Wake ...bringing the pub to your party! “


Band history…

Drew Monasky, Sandy Lineweaver and Curtis Clark formed Trotters Wake in January 2006 after playing together in church and other projects for 6 years.

Anna Merritt joined the band in October 2007 when Curtis left to pursue other avenues with the jazz groups Jacob’s Ladder and Three Thirds Jazz.

Cyndy Gaughan joined the band in July 2008. Prior to Trotters Wake, she sat in on occasion with Blackwood back when her sensei the mighty Kevin King was the bodhran player.  She has also played/recorded with Scott Jeffers/Celtica.

Then began our revolving door of fiddlers! ;)

· Erin Lewis began fiddling with the band at gigs in December 2008 and still plays with us on occasion.

· Jonathan Miller provided the fiddle tracks for our first CD and began sitting in with us in May 2009. Jonathan gigged with us until May 2012, when he moved back to Israel, where it sounds like he is doing quite well on the music scene.

· Tamara Freida, an ASU grad  with a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance, worked some of our St. Patrick’s 2010 gigs before running off to work with troubled youths in the wilderness of Utah.

· In April 2012, we began working with a new fiddler, Megyn Neff. Alas, Megyn had many other projects, and just wanted to be a backup fiddler.

· Bonnie Teplik joined the band on fiddle in February 2013, and is still going strong! Bonnie has a Bachelors in Music Performance from Arizona State University.

· April Trinidad started as our backup fiddler in January 2014. April has a Bachelors in Music Performance from the University of Arizona.

Anna Merritt moved to Colorado in Jan 2014. (Boo!!!)

Tracy Haddad replaced Anna as our bassist in Jan 2014 and has a Bachelors in Music Performance from Arizona State University.

About the same time, Jennifer Caraway started as a backup bassist.  Jennifer is also the founder of a successful Non-Profit Organization called The Joy Bus, which provides “chef inspired” meals to homebound cancer patients.

David Schramm began lending his talents on banjo, guitar, and vocals in Oct 2014. He also leads the Bluegrass band All Stringz Considered, a finalist in the 2017 Pickin’ in the Pines band competition in Flagstaff Arizona.

Llaine Comstock began filling in on electric bass in the fall of 2015.

We met Debbie Hutson in March 2017 while collaborating on Sonoran Desert Chorale’s production of Ben Allaway’s “Heaven and Earth: Mass on the Celtic Journey”, where she played flute, penny whistle, and low whistle. We were so impressed that we started inviting her to fill in. With her very busy schedule as the Director of Instrumental Music for Deer Valley Unified School District, she opted to just serve as a back-up, but she introduced us to Tanner Bayles.

Tanner Bayles is a self-taught penny whistle and low whistle prodigy, whose primary instrument is saxophone. Tanner started playing with us in October 2017, shortly after he was selected to the 2017 Army All American Band.



Our first CD, A Decent Dowry, was released on November 1, 2009.



In Sep 2010, we began billing ourselves as “Half-a-Wake”  when we had only a partial complement of our normal band.

(left-right) Cyndy—Bodhran, Sandy—Vocals, Keyboard, Backup Bodhran, Bonnie—Fiddle, Tracy—Bass, David—Banjo, Guitar. Drew—Guitar, Mandolin

Photo by Samantha Patri Photography

Bonnie Teplik—Fiddler

About Us

© 2019 Trotters Wake   Created by Drew Monasky

Jennifer Caraway—Backup Bassist

April Trinidad—Backup Fiddler

Tracy Haddad—Bassist

David Schramm—Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Tanner Bayles —Penny Whistle, Low Whistle, and Saxophone